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6 in 1 FM Wireless Headset, Model Number: FM-3098

1. The 6 in 1 FM wireless headset integrates functions of a cordless headphone and a wired headset.
2. The 6 in 1 cordless headphone provides frequency modulation (FM).
3. As a kind of wireless products, it comes with wireless monitoring, wireless chat and XBS mega bass.

1. Transmission frequency: 86MHz
2. Modulation method: Frequency modulation
3. Transmitting distance: 35m (interference-free, open space)
4. Power supply: two AAA batteries (or 4.5V adaptor)

FM Wireless Headset
1. Radio frequency: 84-108MHz
2. Modulation method: Frequency modulation
3. Frequency response: 20H-20KHz
4. Distortion: <2%
5. Receiving range: 35m (interference-free, open space)
6. Power supply: two AAA batteries

1. USB charge cable
2. User manual

Packaging: Folding carton

All our products are warranted for 13 months. During this period, we will take back or replace any goods with quality problems and pay related freight.
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