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Stereo Bluetooth Dongle

Stereo Bluetooth Dongle

Bluetooth Stereo Receiver, Model Number: BTI-005

The BTI-005 bluetooth stereo receiver is compatible with a speaker with 3.5mm audio input. Through the use of the stereo Bluetooth dongle, music from your stereo Bluetooth cell phone can be played via the common speaker. Coupled with a stereo Bluetooth transmitter, the Bluetooth receiver provides wireless connection of home audio systems.

Usage: Turn on your receiver, enter into the match status, and then insert it into the 3.5mm input port of a speaker. After that, you simply need to search on your Bluetooth cell phone for matching with the receiver.

1. The Bluetooth stereo receiver supports A2DP, AVRCP, Headset Profile and Handfree Profile.
2. Bluetooth V2.1 technology is used to ensure fast, easy connection, and clear, interference-free voice.
3. The Bluetooth dongle can work with Bluetooth cell phones and PCs, offering wireless connection with a speaker.
4. Coupled with a Bluetooth transmitter, the Bluetooth stereo receiver makes sure you can play music on your CD/DVD/MP3/MP4/PDA/iPod/TV wirelessly.
5. The stereo Bluetooth dongle serves to transform a common speaker into a wireless Bluetooth speaker, and a 3.5DC wired headset into a wireless Bluetooth stereo headset.
6. The Bluetooth receiver comes with wide compatibility with Bluetooth transmitters, in addition to Bluetooth mobile phones, and computers.

1. Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V2.1, compatibility with V2.0 and V1.2
2. Chip: CSR BlueCore5
3. Transmission distance: 10M (Class2)
4. Frequency: 2.4 GHz
5. Weight: 17g
6. Standby time: 140 hours
7. Talk time: 6 hours
8. Charge hour: less than 2 hours
9. Power supply: DC5.0V/120Ma
10. Battery: Rechargeable built-in lithium battery
11. Working voltage: 3.3--4.2V
12. Color: Black, white

1. USB charger
2. USB charge cable
3. Manual

Packaging: Blister card
Box size: 43.5*28*34 CM
Pcs per carton: 50

1. Make sure the battery temperature is kept between 15℃ and 25℃, for ideal charge capacity and long lifetime.
2. It is recommended to fully charge the Bluetooth dongle before you use it for the first time.
3. The stereo bluetooth dongle should be of full charge and power-off state for a long period of storage, and you are expected to charge it every three months.

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