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Handsfree Bluetooth Car Kits

Handsfree Bluetooth Car Kits

Model Number: BTC-006

1. Our Bluetooth car kits make you enjoy handsfree phone conversation and ensure safe driving.
2. No installation required and easy operation
With no installation needed, the handsfree Bluetooth car kits are easy to use, and you can simply clip them onto the car sunvisor. It is portable, and can be readily moved from one car to another.
3. Optimum sound quality
The car kits offer optimum sound quality. Using digital signal processor (DSP), and advanced technologies for noise reduction and echo cancellation, the Bluetooth car kits allow drivers to hear voice clearly. The built-in omnidirectional microphone ensures smooth, relaxed phone conversation for drivers in spite of so much unavoidable noise.
4. With liquid crystal display (LCD)
The handsfree Bluetooth car kits provides LCD with caller ID, so you can calmly choose to answer or reject the call seeing the phone number displayed.
5. Super long standby and talk time
The Bluetooth car kits come with built-in rechargeable lithium battery which has large capacity of 900MA, and ensures standby time longer than half a month and consecutive talk time for over 15 hours.
6. Universal Bluetooth and extensive compatibility
The handsfree bluetooth car kits are compatible with all cell phones in the current market. Through the use of Bluetooth technology, the car kits offer short-range, wireless sound and data transmission between electronic devices. Within a range of 10m, the Bluetooth car kits are an ideal wireless communication solution for drivers.

1. The handsfree Bluetooth car kits use clear voice capture (CVC) technology for effective noise reduction and echo cancellation, so users can have clear, smooth communication over the phone.
2. Large screen LCD with adjustable angle
3. The car kits support voice dialing (which is also necessary on users’ cell phones)
4. The Bluetooth car kits provide call waiting and ringtones.
5. Three telephone directories and last number redial.
6. Silent mode for privacy protection.
7. Automatic connection and call transfer.
8. Fixed support design to facilitate use on vehicles, in offices or other indoor use.
9. Single key pairing
10. Volume regulation, bidirectional voice transmission, caller ID display
11. Built-in rechargeable battery and standard mini charging port.
12. The handsfree Bluetooth car kits support A2DP and AVRCP.
Technical Parameters

1. CSR BC3 solution
2. Bluetooth specification: V1.2 compatible
3. The handsfree Bluetooth car kits support Headset Profile/Hands-Free Profile.
4. Working Frequency: 4G~2.48GHz, universal ISM band
5. Effective range: Max. 10m
6. RF output power: -6~+4dBm(Class 2)
7. RF sensitivity: >-75dB
8. Battery: DC 3.7V, rechargeable polymer battery, 900mAh
9. Working display: red-blue bi-colored light display plus LCD
10. Standby time: >200 hours
11. Working time: 3-8 hours
12. Charge hours: 2-3 hours
13. Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃
14.Storage temperature: -20℃~~+60℃
15.Size: 120mm*90mm*45mm
16. Weight: Approx. 160g

1. Car charger
2. User manual

Packaging: Blister card
Box size: 55*43*39 cm
Pcs per carton: 48
Net weight: 13.8 KG
Packaged weight: 14.8 KG

1. Make sure the battery temperature is kept between 15℃ and 25℃, for ideal charge capacity and long lifetime.
2. It is recommended to fully charge the Bluetooth car kits before you use it for the first time.
3. The handsfree Bluetooth car kits should be of full charge and power-off state for a long period of storage, and you are expected to charge them every three months.

All our products are warranted for 13 months. During this period, we will take back or replace any goods with quality problems and pay related freight.
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