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Bluetooth Keyboard

Bluetooth Keyboard

Model Number: BK-01

The Bluetooth keyboard with leather case, developed using the latest bluetooth technology, is fully compatible with ipad, iphone and various desktop computers, tablet PCs, and notebook PCs. Made of ABS, the keyboard comes with a comfortable feel and is easy to use. The leather case is of high grade, black PU, and provides high textural quality.

Features of Bluetooth Keyboard
1. The Bluetooth keyboard is applicable to a variety of desktop computers, tablet PCs, and notebook PCs.
2. It supports iPad and iPhone 4G as well as PC with Mac os operating system.
3. Bluetooth V2.0 wireless technology
4. Rechargeable lithium battery
5. Design according to human engineering
6. Fn multimedia controls

Specifications of Bluetooth Keyboard
1. ABS plastic keyboard
2. Number of keys: 83
3. Multilanguage version
4. The Bluetooth keyboard supports Bluetooth 2.0/1.2/1.1
5. Operating distance: 10m
6. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
7. Color: Black
8. USB charging
9. Size: 252mm×122mm×7.2mm

Features of Leather Case
1. The exquisite leather case offers iPad users a comfortable feel, in addition to its tasteful, stylish design.
2. Ideal protection for your iPad.
3. The leather case can also function as a fixed support, saving your cost. Hence, it is of great value for money.
4. With briefcase-shaped design, the case is portable and elegant.

1. USB charge cable
2. User manual

Packaging: Folding carton

1. Make sure the battery temperature is kept between 15℃ and 25℃, for ideal charge capacity and long lifetime.
2. It is recommended to fully charge the Bluetooth keyboard before you use it for the first time.
3. The keyboard should be of full charge and power-off state for a long period of storage, and you are expected to charge it every three months.

All our products are warranted for 13 months. During this period, we will take back or replace any goods with quality problems and pay related freight.
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